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I just stumbled on a picture and it almost made me puke a little bit. definite gag reaction. what the fuck was i thinking. bwahahaha.

slsk <3

I went on a dl frenzy tonight. It's amazing what a few good connections can do to your digital music collection.
Right now I'm halfway done downloading the I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning album.

I need to get tired though, gotta get up early.
went shopping with lauren during which i thought my mom was dead/kidnapped. answer the phone i worry sometimes okay!

visited mrs marble and her son joe. ok, so visited joe. Mrs marble is really lost in her old age. she kept trying to talk to us in spanish. thought it was a joke when we said we were at her house etc. joe shared a lot of really cool stories of places around the globe but mostly from when they lived in africa. i'll write those later but for my recollection mostly. i just find it incredible fascinating. i need to go to egypt after him telling us he climbed up the sides ph pyramids when he was 12ish and climbed on into the various chambers. of course this was back in the 70s but still. i'm going. there's many places i want to go but i'll be damned if one of my friends goes to africa, especially egypt, with out me.

I just did this because I like birds
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Woohoo I fixed my pc all on my oddy knocky. It seems much faster now, too.
It's chilly outside and I want some homemade creamy tomato soup not unlike the kind they served us so many times in New Zealand and a side of roasted kumara. pronto. Ka Pai.
last night I convinced my family to goto Kobe's with my bitchy antics. I wanted sushi and they have that and family friendly foods, so what can I say? We sat at a table with a very un-gregarious couple and the USF basketball coach and his family whom were celebrating his son's birthday. Nice people.

Dan- that chocolate is delicious. Love me some raspberry=chocolate. gracias.

Laurens parent's had a lil soiree last night, of which a large chunk of entertainment was our skydiving video. oh my. never in my life. I guess I'm just gonna have to run with how retarded I look in there and grin and bear it everytime people imitate it to me lol. I could always change my name and move to another city too...haha jk it's pretty hillarious I just feel like an idiot everytime I see it, but the laughter it brings is worth it.

Gotta go shopping for the birfday girl...deadlines hahaha

anyfuck not like she reads this but Happy Birthday Lauren!
I'm not sure this burn is ever going to heal fully. Every time my hand gets wet I watch the scab become plump and the color darken upon drying.

Let's see...this evening I will probably head out to the shops and uh Lauren's parents are having a party with fruitful amounts of beer which I might covertly partake in.

I began a story last night. We're really not sure where it's going. I have ideas though don't line up with it's plot so perhaps multiple shorts are in order.

That's about that.
grades are up on facts.org, in case you were wondering.
Happy Holidays to me. I get $2400 again next semester :)

Ahhh to be wealthy.

Yesterday I found myself entering an estate off of s macdill to take a peek at the 'bargains for the wealthy' advertised by large banners hanging from oak trees at the end of the road. I found myself stopped in my tracks not 20 feet inside the door staring up at a masterfully carved wooly mammoth tusk. A lady waltzed up to me and said "isn't it amazing? they believe its between 16-20 thousand years old." I just wowed. Anyways, I could have touched the beast but didn't feel like it was right, and out of fear of doing something stupid and knocking the work off its stand. It was carved with hundreds of, what looked to me, asian figures that were detailed with some metallic paint. There were also those huge rather large vases that are somewhere near 10 feet high, some of those rather large marble cat statues you find at the doorways of mansions in other countries, countless nice armoires and tables, antique framed family crests, oh geez tons of other stuff I can't remember. It was nuts. Those people were so nice though, Lauren and I clearly did not appear wealthy but they just let us stroll in there and have a little looksyloo. Take that you fucks working at the Georgian antiques place whom watched us like I was to stuff an early 19th century lamp in my handbag.

Anyfuck, I saw this antique cloisonne vase I wanted. It was detaild with a cherry blossom motif. It, however, was 95 dollars and yeah...
cool, another burn scar for my right arm/hand.

I love the weather.

I went and spent some time in our rental property. It's nothing but empty space and shining wood floors. I loved it. It'd be fun to throw some kind of party over there with open windows, loud music and a fire. It'll be cool to have my own place one day, I have all these decorating plans that do not fit into the confines of my boudoir.


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